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Welcome to Snow Mountain Alpacas

We are located in Port Orchard, Washington, raising Huacaya alpacas for their luxuriously fine fleece. We are seed-stock producers and primarily raise healthy and structurally sound alpacas, with a continued emphasis on improving upon our fiber structure, handle and micron with each breeding; and we continue to reduce our fiber micron (fineness) and retain lingering fineness with each successive breeding.

Our need and desire to bring a change of lifestyle into our lives brought us to the world of alpacas. This lifestyle change was not necessarily to reduce our workload, but more importantly and definitively to provide a less stressful and far more enjoyable life for ourselves. One of the best side effects of the alpaca lifestyle is the close-knit community of alpaca breeders and the incredible relationships we have attained through this industry.

Our herd represents some of the best and most sought after bloodlines, including:
Black Vigor of Bolivia * Peruvian Aladdin * Peruvian Andrajo * Peruvian Aureo * Peruvian Bledo * Peruvian Hemingway * PPeruvian Caligula * PPeruvian Camilio * PPeruvian Felix * PPeruvian Vengador * PPPeruvian Mr. President * 5Peruvian Don Alamir * 6Peruvian Royal Gold

These bloodlines fare from the Peruvian Accoyo, Alianza, Machaccoyoc, Cchonchatanca, Plantel, and Antacalla regions. We have well represented Bolivian and Chilean bloodlines as well.

We offer a wide variety of alpaca products from raw fiber to finished clothing. We provide roving and batts for spinners, yarns for those that knit, crochet and weave. Clothing, socks, blankets, rugs and alpaca toys for those wishing a finished product, and “alpaca tea” and compost for the gardeners.

We are here to assist our customers and associates by offering farm planning advice, mentorship in the care of your alpacas, sales of quality alpacas, agistment (boarding) and exceptional herd sires (with mobile and drive-by breedings).

More importantly, we will ALWAYS be available after the sale for all your questions, training and support

Come for a visit and Find Your Passions Elevated in Alpacas!